A list of 10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read 


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I loveeee to read—it seems to be one of the things all entrepreneurs have in common. 

(Probably because reading gives us access to knowledge that we would have never otherwise learned ourselves or would have taken years of trial and error to understand on our own.)

Whether it’s a paperback copy or book on Audible, I’m always working my way through a book with a million more on my can’t-wait-to-start list. 

The 10 books listed below have been a few of my favorites that I’ve read in the past few years. 

Money Blocks & Business Building

Don’t let the basic “badass” title fool you—there’s a reason everyone recommends this book and it’s because it’s so good. 

Interweaving her personal story with others’ unbelievable experiences, Jen shows how it’s possible to overcome the challenges you’re facing and manifest your dreams by shifting your mindset. 

Direct and to the point, the stories and action steps she shares will inspire you to get started on creating magic of your own.

With my own background in psychology, I couldn’t help but feel deeply connected to Amanda Frances and the story she shared. Her book focuses heavily on mindset and motivation. 

By listening to her talk about how nothing stands in her way, you’re sure to get a kick in the ass and walk away feeling like you, too, can do anything you set your mind to.

I’ve read this book at least five times now—it really is that good and everyone who has a brand should be heavily encouraged to read it. 

Not only does Donald Miller break down the strategy behind creating a StoryBrand in a way that’s straightforward, fun, and easy to read, but he also has an online tool that accompanies the book and walks you through each step of the process so you can put everything you learn into action for your own business. 

Life Changing 

If you know the term “Zone of Genius,” then you’re already familiar with Gay Hendricks, the person who coined that term. 

And that’s a big part of what the book focuses on, finding your Zone of Genius, getting in touch with your deep-rooted purpose, and taking the big leap into the unknown to go after it. 

I read this book as I was leaving my career, a career where I practically ran my school and made 6 figures, to start over back at the bottom—this book supported me during that transition tremendously. 

If you’re someone looking to heal your trauma, this book will change your life.

In it, Gabby Bernstein tells the story of her addiction and how she changed her life around, healed her inner child wounds, and learned to lean into peace and happiness. 

With journal work included, you’re sure to learn a lot about your own patterns and what it takes to let go of your own fear so you can shift into the version of yourself that you dream of becoming.

I’ll start by saying, this book made me bawl. 

Over a 14-day period, Kute Blacksons leads his clients through a transformational journey that takes place within India. Permitted very few possessions, Blackson’s clients get away from their lives, take note of simplicity and happiness, and connect with their purpose and meaning. 

Spoiler: You are the one. 

And that takeaway will change you. 

Again, don’t judge the book off its basic title because it’s packed with everything you need to know about rewiring your habits, letting go of old stories, and working through your triggers. 

If you’re looking for an easy read that will shift your mindset and help you create new habits and actually stick to them, this book will be everything you could ask for. 

Although at times this book can be quite long-winded, it still makes the list. 

The Second Mountain is a book about fulfillment, meaning, and purpose. He uses the second mountain as a metaphor for a second stage of life—that follows the first stage, the first mountain, where you spend your time chasing after success. Only after you burn out and fall off the first mountain can you begin your journey of going after what’s really important to you. 

This book fell into my lap like a gift from above, right when I decided I was going to leave my career. I read it on the way to work every day and it truly changed my life. 

In personal development, mindset is regarded as the ultimate tool that can change everything. And while I absolutely believe in the power of mindset, there are other factors that influence our stuckness and resistance (like trauma and systemic barriers). 

Britt Frank’s book addresses exactly that. Pairing embodied practices with clinical ones, she guides you through how to heal first so that you shifting your mindset is even a possibility. 

This book is a powerful tool to have in your hands. By focusing on scientific and psychological theories, Joe Dispenza shares how any ordinary person can raise their vibrational energy to unlock and achieve their potential. 

It’s full of principles and practices to help you change your thoughts, emotions, and energy all so you can become supernatural. 

If you’ve read any of these books and want to chat about them, I would love nothing more. Send me an email and we can gush over our favorite parts. (Really, I could talk about books all day, so reach out!)

One of my favorite places to get books

I came across a cool resource a while back that’s essentially an online library. It’s called Libby, it’s totally free to use as long as you have a library card (they explain how to get one). You can check it out here!

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