It’s not just brand photography and business coaching… 

It’s about making sure that whatever you’re doing—whether it’s stepping in front of the camera or building your personal brand—is inspired by your potential, rooted in your purpose, and tells the story of who you truly are.  

You’ve always been someone with many passions. Someone with an active imagination, who desired to make the world a more inclusive and compassionate place; who had big dreams for herself.  

But you seem to have come to a standstill. While you want more, you can’t see how to get there. You feel a little lost and disconnected from yourself. 

You’re seeking guidance on your personal development journey, you’re searching for support with the inner work it takes to create a brand, and/or life, that’s true to you. 

You’ve found the next step in your journey. Now it’s up to you to take it. 


What are you trying to let go of?

Who are you at present?

Who are you ready to become?



1:1 coaching that centers around personal development & mindset, creating a strong business foundation, and defining everything about your personal brand. 

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Photography that tells the story of your personal brand, reveals your personality, and captures your confidence. 

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Whether you want help gaining clarity around your purpose, support with business foundation, or guidance as you move forward with a business pivot… you’re in the perfect place.  

We’ll spend our 90 minutes together creating a custom strategy that bridges any business gaps you’re experiencing with plenty of time to cover any questions you have. After, you’ll receive the recording of our session, helpful resources, and access to a week’s worth of Telegram support. 

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“Maddy encouraged me to embrace who I am today and who I desire to be tomorrow.” 

- Amy Diane Ross, Faith-based mentor

She gave me so much to think about like being vulnerable, embracing what triggers me, and honoring it instead of devaluing it. I am now on the right track and mindset for the day all my dreams do show up and I will be ready to embrace each and every one of them!

Are you ready?


But there’s no need to be afraid. You just need to reconnect with your inner voice and own your power. After that, anything you dream of will be right within your reach.

So stop waiting and go after what you truly desire.

cheers to step one babe